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Yahoo! to unveil a new logo, every day for 30 days

Yahoo! to unveil a new logo, every day for 30 days

As big companies evolve, they occasionally re-brand themselves. Yahoo! is no exception.  The company, (originally named “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,”) took off like a lightning bolt in 1995. Today it attracts more than half a billion consumers every month. Under the guidance of a new CEO, (formerly from Google), the company began to reinvent itself from the top down. Even the Yahoo! corporate identity, which has remained largely unchanged over the years, is up for grabs.

To announce its new look, Yahoo’s Marketing department launched an innovative digital marketing campaign that started on August 5th. In an effort to build excitement, they will be posting a variation of a Yahoo! logo each day for the next month, throughout its website as well as on its social media pages.  Stay tuned until midnight on September 5th, when the big unveiling will finally happen.  This is truly a unique approach to a re-brand, and one that we applaud.


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