The “Ahhh-ffect!”

//The “Ahhh-ffect!”

The “Ahhh-ffect!”

Ahhhhh, I get it now!

Coca-Cola has cornered the market on “ahh.” The company now owns 61 domains that are all variations on “ahh,” each one adding an h. Think,,, and (you get the idea).. all the way to #62 (

The domain-buying spree was in service of “The Ahh Effect,” a new campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland. The campaign is Coca-Cola’s first online (or should I say, “ah-nline”) digital-led effort, and notably, the campaign doesn’t include any TV commercials.  This move shows an overt push towards digital and social media, and empowers teenagers to be the creative engine to make the whole thing go completely viral.

At iOpening Marketing, we took a little time out of our day to identify our favorites.  Many of them were very cute, some were boring – but certainly don’t miss these: #31 (watch a 3-D artist draw a Coke can); #35 (regular or mini?); #39 (happy dancing); or #60 (how long can you stand listening to the “ah” sound?)  Of the more interactive pages, you can find a summary on “Ah #2“.

Co-marketing partners include market leaders like Six Flags (#6), 7-11 (#’s 7 & 11 ) and McDonald’s (#31 ).  I’m sure these were “pay-to-play,” which probably helped pay for a portion of the campaign.  We thought the Six Flags page was very creative, but we couldn’t figure out why we kept getting zero points — maybe it’s our “non-gamer”, non-teenage brains. (*Tell us how you do!)

Damn smart.  In fact, it’s truly ah-vant garde!


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