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Wonderbra takes the ultimate marketing plunge


You’ve all heard that “sex sells,” right?  Well, Wonderbra gets that concept. Recently they have launched a sexy ad on YouTube, paying homage to a Cadbury’s campaign (of a gorilla drummer.)  Already the sexy spoof ad, which won’t be shown on TV, is proving a big hit on the internet.

In addition to the YouTube campaign, Wonderbra has also unveiled a poster in the third dimension, to fully demonstrate a bra that can lift you up to two cup sizes.  There are even specially designed viewing glasses in the shape of a bra. It’s funny — they say 70% of women are wearing glasses in the wrong cup size.  Our summer intern (a male, of course) has expressed to us that he’d definitely like to see more guerilla marketing campaigns from Wonderbra, because there’s a lot of potential there, but for now, he’s fine with these 3DD posters.


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