Looking Into the Social Media Crystal Ball

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Looking Into the Social Media Crystal Ball

In the ever-evolving, fast-paced social media industry, platforms have to continuously update and make changes to stay trendy, and inspire users to share content and interact with other users. These updates are always risky moves that must be meticulously analyzed and studied before imposing them on users.  We say ‘imposing’ because the changes are rarely optional; most of the time, as we users kick our feet and complain, we eventually MUST conform. Examples of some of these changes are Facebook’s timeline, Twitter’s recent cover photo, Instagram videos, etc. Platforms that do not update their applications with the right changes risk losing users to more popular or trendy apps.

So here’s our prediction from iOpening
:  In the future, the reigning champion of social media platforms, Facebook, will give users the option of using videos for their cover photo. These videos would most likely be limited in length, and might even just be GIFs in the beginning. Similar to Instagram videos, it will probably have still image from the video on display, where the video would only start upon pressing play. (Boom, called it!!)

No, we don’t have an inside tip from Facebook. We just think that it’s inevitable that Facebook will provide users this option to further personalize their profiles. Updates like this are the types of change that inspire creativity in users, to drive more captivating, potentially viral content. As marketers, our branding options will dramatically expand, with much more opportunity to really put on our creative hats and produce captivating content for the companies and brands we work with. As users, the experience of Facebook will improve. (Where a picture says 1,000 words, a video says ten times that).

Now you know. So, start creating your videos to have them ready to upload when the update becomes available. No thank you is necessary. (We aren’t going out to reserve our 1-800-iSight number just yet.) But when it does happen, you know where you heard it first: #iOpeningMarketing.


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