Using the Right Marketing Tools | Compelling Strategy

  • Marketing audits
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Campaign and media planning
  • Short-term action plans
  • ROI projections and analysis

Before the explosion of online marketing, strategic marketing was once comprised of four basic components: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  And while these elements still play a key role in marketing strategy, today’s marketers must integrate campaigns in ways that go well beyond the classic four P’s.

At iOpening Marketing, we first work to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business needs. From there, we’ll help you to identify the right set of tools, strategies or tactics to enable you to maximize your value proposition to your industry audience.

We ensure that your marketing sets you apart from your competition, leveraging the right structure and the techniques to attract customers and enhance your bottom line.  A good approach is an integrated approach, and your strategy should reflect that.

We apply our expertise to develop a thought-out, practical and innovative strategy to tackle your goals and projects. One of our strengths is to instill our creativity into our approach for every task. We will use this phase of our process to go above and beyond in the implementation of the strategy, lending ideas, and out-of-the box thinking to create your marketing plan and schedule.

Don’t try to hit a birdie with a baseball bat.  Instead, let iOpening get you a great set of clubs!
[blockquote author=”Philip Kotler, Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University” float=”left”] “Marketing takes a day to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master.” [/blockquote]