I’ve been dreaming of a white [redacted]…

//I’ve been dreaming of a white [redacted]…

I’ve been dreaming of a white [redacted]…

By Guest Blogger, Moshe Summers

Winter’s coming, and it’s coming fast. It seems that on every corner, everything’s holly and jolly and slathered in red and green – candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa and of course gingerbread cookies. In a nation where 78% of the population associates with some form of Christianity, it’s hard to expect anything other than Christian-driven advertising. After all, marketing is basically trying to appeal to a broad demographic, and 78% qualifies as a large pool to reach.

But is it really necessary?

In my personal opinion, non-denominational advertising, if done well, would not only extend Christmas sales, but would also be much more welcoming to people of other upbringings. Just because you’re religio-centric doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the winter season too. While I completely understand that “Happy Holidays” may lack some of the warmth and fuzziness that “Merry Christmas” brings to some, it’s not fair to the other 69.5 million of us who don’t celebrate Christmas. I applaud the marketers who celebrate snowflakes and happiness, and spread cheer and joy, as opposed to the excluders (Bah Humbug!) who only let their religion join the fun, like we’re some “socio-economic Rudolfs” being shunned for our red noses.

It’s time that Santa (known as the free market economy) steps in and let us all have control of the proverbial sleigh. That puts the responsibility in the hands of the marketers. Make this season for all of us!

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