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Don’t Bite the Brand That Feeds You

Branding can be as difficult to change in a marketing scenario as it is on the hindquarters of a steer. Once you develop your brand, you have a loyal following of consumers, and changing your brand in the wrong way can be disastrous (New Coke, anybody?). However, sometimes re-branding can be great for expanding your client base, for showing the innovation of your business (something we’re very fond of here at iOpening), or just for bringing that little change that was just well overdue for your company. So how do you know when it’s time to re-brand? 

Well the first and most obvious method would be to listen to the outcry of the masses. In today’s fast moving world, it can sometimes be easy to dissociate from exactly what it is your customers really want. A company or business must be flexible to the consumer’s needs. In the middle of the social media explosion, it’s not hard to find out what people want from your establishment. Trust me, if a major company asked for suggestions on the Twitter, they’d have more advice than they would know what to do with.

However, it’s obviously not this easy. You can’t please everyone, so how do you figure out how to change? Well, as much as it goes against every Rastafarian bone in my Israeli body, sometimes the answer can be found in conformity. Now, I’m not suggesting you go all 1984 on us. But a lot of the time, if every company starts to do something similar rapidly, it’s because they’re realizing that whatever that thing may be works. The trick is to take it and make it your own. Don’t be a knock-off, be an improvement. Easier said than done, but something that’s important to recognize. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others.

On the inverse, don’t be afraid to try something completely new or crazy (within reason of course.) Sometimes you need a game changer. You need to turn your Power Mac into an iMac. There’s nothing worse than a company that only does stuff that’s already been done. Switch up your style!

Lastly, simply don’t re-brand. All companies go through their ups and downs, and sometimes the security of consistency will get you through that hard time. The best time to experiment is in times of stability, so if you’re thinking of re-branding to save your company, it may just not be the option for you. (New Coke, never forget. 4/23/85)

Author: Summer Intern, Moshe Summers

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