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Big Business Takes a Look in the Mirror

It’s no secret that very often these days, marketers fail.

One of the most difficult things to achieve in a marketing environment can be to get a true insider’s view of a target audience. But all too often, whatever potential an ad might have is nullified by the use of ad clichés and overused tactics.

In an advertising campaign by Adobe, the inadequate tactics that many marketers use is satirized. The “What’s YOUR Marketing Doing?” ads tackle things like trying to jump on the social media bandwagon, the use of click-bait strategies, and just the general misunderstanding that many companies can have of their demographics.

It’s nice to see somebody taking a stand and saying that just because so many companies use these approaches does not validate that it’s what the consumer wants to see. Often, when social media is misused or pop-up ads are thrown into someone’s face, the integrity of the establishment these ads represent can be at stake. These ads are a great way to call attention to this problem and make advertisers take a step back and look at themselves, so that the public can not only be properly persuaded to invest in a product, but get the advertisements they deserve.

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