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Finding Your Unique Voice | Effective Public Relations

Public Relations
  • Customer testimonials/publicity
  • Media relations (offline and online)
  • New product and start-up PR
  • Press releases, fact sheets & white papers
  • Press and analyst tours (planning/execution)
  • Speaking engagements

At its core, public relations revolves around this universal truth: people act based upon their perception of facts. Managing, controlling and influencing people’s perceptions requires an integrated PR strategy, combining well-crafted, clear messaging with old-fashioned persuasion.  And with the “blogosphere” gathering steam, PR about your company and its products has become more and more valuable.

Great PR builds greater credibility about your products to generate qualified sales leads, and step ahead of your competition.  Our seasoned PR team can help you get your news into national, regional or targeted industry trade pubs both online and offline. We have experience in all areas of public relations, including: corporate communications, media relations, press and analyst relations, awards and speaking engagements.  As part of our process, we’ll also share detailed metrics and program ROI (e.g. reads/opens, clicks, social media links, and of course, feature placements and articles).

If you have a newsworthy product or program— or even if you don’t just yet— let the team at iOpening help you find your unique voice.  We’ll not only help you write the lyrics to your special song, but we’ll also help you find the right mountaintop to start singing.

[blockquote author=”Brian Clark, Founder – Copyblogger” float=”left”] “Exceptional PR is comprised of plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, listener or viewer.” [/blockquote]