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Boyd Enterprises | Event – Booth Design

Boyd Enterprises | Event – Booth Design
Boyd Enterprises has 50 years of experience, delivering crystal clear waters to aquarium enthusiasts. iOpening was tasked with delivering a fun and attractive booth that highlighted the products and their benefits. In addition, they needed a booth that would be easily transported, lightweight and easy to install and dismantle. iOpening designed a booth highlighting the filter media bag, one of Boyd’s differentiators, with the tagline ‘Crystal Clear Water… We’ve got it in the bag’. Together, the tag and the adorable fish holding the products, created an iCatching and extremely effective booth design.

In order to help complement the tagline, we also created giveaways with customized M&Ms in the corporate colors, which were placed in the company’s filter media bags. The bags were a fresh way to bring customer focus to the bags and the ‘goodies’ they normally house.

“iOpening gave us several great and creative concepts to choose from, but we fell in love with the ‘We’ve got it in the bag’ concept. We loved the booth and got so many compliments at the show. It was bright, easy to install and simply adorable.”

Joleen Turner, Boyd Enterprises

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