Twitter Makeover: A Much Needed Update

//Twitter Makeover: A Much Needed Update

Twitter Makeover: A Much Needed Update

This week, Twitter got a complete makeover. If you are a Twitter user and your profile change has not happened, don’t worry – the inevitable is coming. Their last change was in December 2011, which in social media time might as well be decades ago. The interesting thing about Twitter’s change is that they opted for an image-centric layout, very similar to that of Facebook and a more image-interactive application. Twitter opted for the large header profile image (similar to Facebook’s timeline cover photo) and photo streams appearing below the user’s latest tweet, giving more prominence to uploaded pictures in users’ profiles.

The change does come as many social media analyzers are saying that Twitter is losing its appeal among young users, who would rather look at an image or video than read 180 characters. The social media world is in the “grab and drop” attention business. Let’s face it: an image catches a viewer’s attention just fast enough before they scroll to the next post. Twitter is feeling the pressure from other applications that are more visually appealing and adapting with the market.

What do you guys think of the change? How might it benefit or affect them?

Twitter Makeover

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