#HCIMSM (How Can I Master Social Media?)

//#HCIMSM (How Can I Master Social Media?)

#HCIMSM (How Can I Master Social Media?)


Are you trying to establish a Social Media presence for your business, but find yourself bumping up against how much there is to learn?  We talk to many business owners who tell us that just when they figure out one thing, ten more questions arise!  (For example, what is tagging?  How do I do it?  What’s the benefit? Etc.)

If this is how you feel, then you’re on the right track. Social media is still relatively new, always evolving and changing day by day. Just as you learn one basic thing about it (for example, the meaning of #TBT; answer: Throwback Thursdays); you find that yet another new social network is emerging.

This might become a little overwhelming when time and budget for Social Media is very limited in your business, so we wanted to offer a few helpful tips & tricks to help you connect with your audience:

  1. Know your audience – This is a rule that applies to all parts of your marketing. Know where your audience spends most of their time online and how they consume information. For example, white collar professionals are more likely to be on LinkedIn, while young entrepreneurs might choose Twitter & Instagram.
  2. Know which platform works best for your brand – In social media, each platform is content specialized, and although images are key to grabbing consumers’ attention, the content you share should address your audience’s preferred method of information consumption. Therefore, choose your platforms accordingly to the content your audience is most likely to consume.
  3. Work on the authenticity of your content – The days in which sharing industry articles or relevant pictures were enough to grab your audience attention may be over. Your audience wants to be social and wants to feel connected to you; otherwise, they would just Google the information. There is a reason why they decided to “Like” your page, follow you or connect. They view you as a resource for insightful information. Be authentic – be yourself!
  4. Forget about establishing presence – If you once heard that you should open a Facebook or Twitter account to establish an online presence, don’t do it unless you are ready to put time and energy toward managing those channels.  Establish the networks you will use, and inform your audience of your presence. Why set something up only to let it fall by the wayside?  Don’t become one of the statistics – where you own a ‘graveyard’ social media account with few followers and ancient content.  Only set up a channel if you have the energy to monitor it and interact with your audience.

In our next blog, we will examine established and emerging platforms, and what content they are specialized for in terms of types of businesses.

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