Why 2015 is our year (and yours too)

//Why 2015 is our year (and yours too)

Why 2015 is our year (and yours too)

This year, big things are happening at iOpening Marketing! For our small (but fierce) team, this year comes with a special aura of conviction. Sort of like that defining moment in any Rocky movie, where Rocky digs deep to make it happen. (You know the moment.) He’s talking to himself, convincing himself to get up for the big push as the ref does the countdown.  “Adrriiiiiiaannnnnnn!” he yells.

We’re truly in a “Rocky moment” — where we’re making 2015 our year! We plan to accomplish all the goals (and more) that we have on our company vision board.

What does this mean for you as our client? Hop on board! We are very excited for the growth this year will bring and for the service that we will be able to provide to our clients. We are feeling bold, excited and confident! We will take you along for this exciting ride.  You see, YOUR GOALS are OUR GOALS.  If our clients are growing, we are growing.  While boxing and marketing are very different, there are some similarities.  Let us FIGHT for your visibility in the marketplace and PULL EVERY PUNCH to get your message heard.

Stay tuned… 2015 is the year!

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