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The right “mint”-ality

The right “mint”-ality

Ah, Paris: the city of beauty, romance, and garlicky cuisine.

Tic Tac has created a creative marketing campaign based in Paris, in which they hire an actor to go up to a random person in Rouen Plaza, and ask for directions. When this unsuspecting individual replies, the entire surrounding crowd pretends to faint. The damage ripples outward, captured on a giant video screen, as people throughout the city lose consciousness. Finally, at this point, the terribly confused person is offered a Tic Tac, and the plot is revealed. The whole city is revived.

If I was caught in the middle of this guerilla marketing idea, I’m fairly certain I would have thought I was caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

..Glad to see Tic Tac is acquiring the guerrilla ad mintality.

Brand: Tic TacOffice: O&M Paris

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