Superettes’ innovative advert-“thighs”-ment

//Superettes’ innovative advert-“thighs”-ment

Superettes’ innovative advert-“thighs”-ment

With more and more skin being shown in the hot summer months, New Zealand clothing company Superette saw a new “canvas” for the art of guerrilla marketing. Suprette realizes that it doesn’t take much to get people to look at the thighs of a girl in skimpy shorts… So, by putting a reverse template of their ad on bus stop benches, they managed to make their target market into walking billboards.

The real beauty of these ads is that they only work on people already wearing short shorts. A perfect way to show them off without hiring models, and an ingenious way to get their ads on the streets, these imprints can last up to an hour on these unsuspecting fashionista’s thighs. In the end, it will leave an imprint on your mind for much longer, since this is one ad that you’ll hate to see go… But you’ll love to watch leave!


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