A New Type of Scratch Campaign

//A New Type of Scratch Campaign

A New Type of Scratch Campaign

How many of us have parked, and then when we make our way back to the car, found a very unexpected present: a big scratch or dent in our car that was not there before? We sympathize with you! That’s what makes the focus of today’s blog so effective. This clever guerilla marketing campaign has the ability to touch on the emotional aspect of getting “dented” as you will see from the reaction they got from their audience. It brought an unexpected smile to a wide variety of drivers!

A successful guerilla marketing strategy does not rely on unlimited resources or bountiful budgets, since it uses existing resources — accompanied by a ton of creativity to generate a fun or unique experience for its target audience. The ‘shock effect’ is a unique technique used by many guerilla marketers. Kudos to scratch removal company, Novocortex, for boosting their blog attendance by 42,000 people for a cost of the stickers (less than 1,000 Euros!)

What is your product or service? Do you have a limited budget? Think a strategy like this can benefit your business? We would love to hear from you!

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