The Rainbow Connection

//The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” –Georgia O’Keeffe

When it comes to marketing, color is everything. On a deeply psychological level, color affects our decisions, moods and opinions. Therefore the color of your product, logo, and advertisements can go a long way in effecting your target audiences perception of you. There’s extensive research in how colors and various combinations generally effect the thought process, but in short, colors are associated thusly:

• Blue/Indigo/Turquoise – Reliable and straightforward, but stern and professional
• Pink/Magenta – Loving and empathetic, sometimes quirky but in a good way, generally feminine but not always
• Yellow – Happy, giddy, care-free and playful
• Green – Serene, concerned for the needs of the clients, eco-friendly
• Purple – Sophistication, luxury, extravagance
• Orange – Fearless, willing to push limits and take risks, sometimes can be imply feelings of affordability
• Red – Passion
• Black – Powerful, quality

Different combinations can be efficiently used to convince the public’s eye to think whatever you want them too about your product. It can be a great way to show them that you will cater to their needs, to show your innovative outlook, or to show your devout professionalism. The media in which these colors are displayed can be a factor as well, as a color seen in motion may bring different feelings that a stationary image, as well as the fact that inconsistencies in shades and hues when transferring from a digital setting to one in print can change perception. It’s a careful balance, but when pulled off correctly, colors can be high point of a logo, they can turn a company around in the public’s eye, color can make all the difference.

Just be careful, because the last thing you want to do is be walking through a dangerous demographic wearing the wrong colors.

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