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In a World that Loves Beer

Watch out Corona, Coors and Cobra – The UK is fast developing a taste for Polish lager thanks to the influx of workers from Eastern Europe, new industry figures reveal. The extra strong Tyskie brand is now so popular in London, for instance, that it has made the top ten ‘World Beers’ table alongside better […]


Big Business Takes a Look in the Mirror

It’s no secret that very often these days, marketers fail. One of the most difficult things to achieve in a marketing environment can be to get a true insider’s view of a target audience. But all too often, whatever potential an ad might have is nullified by the use of ad clichés and overused tactics. […]


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Dutch airline KLM recently stepped up where many airlines have been deficient – in a genius marketing campaign. They spent about six months on Twitter examining keywords in people’s complaints and criticisms to various airlines, and then spent a week responding to them and resolving the issues people had with not only their airline, but […]


I’ve been dreaming of a white [redacted]…

By Guest Blogger, Moshe Summers Winter’s coming, and it’s coming fast. It seems that on every corner, everything’s holly and jolly and slathered in red and green – candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa and of course gingerbread cookies. In a nation where 78% of the population associates with some form of Christianity, it’s hard to […]


The Lincoln Conspiracy Theory

Have any of you seen the latest Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercials? We were not sure if we were the only ones to find these commercials to be very odd, until we did a search on the Internet. In one of the three commercials in the series, he tells us to “look back before moving […]


Looking Into the Social Media Crystal Ball

In the ever-evolving, fast-paced social media industry, platforms have to continuously update and make changes to stay trendy, and inspire users to share content and interact with other users. These updates are always risky moves that must be meticulously analyzed and studied before imposing them on users.  We say ‘imposing’ because the changes are rarely […]


Don’t Bite the Brand That Feeds You

Branding can be as difficult to change in a marketing scenario as it is on the hindquarters of a steer. Once you develop your brand, you have a loyal following of consumers, and changing your brand in the wrong way can be disastrous (New Coke, anybody?). However, sometimes re-branding can be great for expanding your […]


Sunshine and Entrepreneurship

For those entrepreneurs starting businesses in the Sunshine State – here’s some good news.  According to Fast Company, Florida was recently ranked as having the second-highest rate of new business production in the nation.  It ranks high on Fundable’s VC rankings, and Startup America says it’s the No. 3 state for annual revenue per start […]


Are taglines dead?

The answer is: it depends.  A great tagline can make for a very happy client.  Even in the case of older brands, a good tagline still adds the benefit of personality and descriptors that can enhance a company or product’s overall brand message. Take a recent client example of Boyd Enterprises, who manufactures a 50-year-old […]

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