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In a World that Loves Beer

Watch out Corona, Coors and Cobra – The UK is fast developing a taste for Polish lager thanks to the influx of workers from Eastern Europe, new industry figures reveal. The extra strong Tyskie brand is now so popular in London, for instance, that it has made the top ten ‘World Beers’ table alongside better […]


Big Business Takes a Look in the Mirror

It’s no secret that very often these days, marketers fail. One of the most difficult things to achieve in a marketing environment can be to get a true insider’s view of a target audience. But all too often, whatever potential an ad might have is nullified by the use of ad clichés and overused tactics. […]


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Dutch airline KLM recently stepped up where many airlines have been deficient – in a genius marketing campaign. They spent about six months on Twitter examining keywords in people’s complaints and criticisms to various airlines, and then spent a week responding to them and resolving the issues people had with not only their airline, but […]


Why 2015 is our year (and yours too)

This year, big things are happening at iOpening Marketing! For our small (but fierce) team, this year comes with a special aura of conviction. Sort of like that defining moment in any Rocky movie, where Rocky digs deep to make it happen. (You know the moment.) He’s talking to himself, convincing himself to get up […]


I’ve been dreaming of a white [redacted]…

By Guest Blogger, Moshe Summers Winter’s coming, and it’s coming fast. It seems that on every corner, everything’s holly and jolly and slathered in red and green – candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa and of course gingerbread cookies. In a nation where 78% of the population associates with some form of Christianity, it’s hard to […]


The Lincoln Conspiracy Theory

Have any of you seen the latest Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercials? We were not sure if we were the only ones to find these commercials to be very odd, until we did a search on the Internet. In one of the three commercials in the series, he tells us to “look back before moving […]


A New Type of Scratch Campaign

How many of us have parked, and then when we make our way back to the car, found a very unexpected present: a big scratch or dent in our car that was not there before? We sympathize with you! That’s what makes the focus of today’s blog so effective. This clever guerilla marketing campaign has […]


The Rainbow Connection

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” –Georgia O’Keeffe When it comes to marketing, color is everything. On a deeply psychological level, color affects our decisions, moods and opinions. Therefore the color of your product, logo, and advertisements […]


Foxton’s Pushes Value of ‘Transparency’ to its U.K. Buyers

Since their launch in 2001, the Foxtons fleet of branded Minis have become iconic in London’s culture. Each year, the real estate company incorporates a new wrap design onto the Mini Cooper. This particular x-ray branded mini design can be interpreted as a statement of “transparency”; (no seller, landlord, buyer or tenant should ever feel […]


The Ice Truck Cometh

Arguably one of the “coolest” guerilla marketing campaigns I’ve seen in awhile, Canadian Tire created the first self-propelled ice sculpture ever called the ‘Ice Truck.’ They ended up taking a truck frame and building the body work out of over 11,000 pounds of ice on top of the regular truck chassis. The company created several […]

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