Dori Erann – Marketing Trailblazer

//Dori Erann – Marketing Trailblazer
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iOpening Facts:

  • Puzzle lover
  • High heel connoisseur
  • World traveler
  • Self-pronounced “tech hack”
  • 1 of 4 sisters

Dori was born and raised on hummus and falafels, spending the early part of her life in Israel. As a tomboy in a family of girls, she grew up “riding bunny rabbits,” stress-testing Barbie Dolls and scuffing up her sandals. She had her first taste of the Florida beaches at age nine, and then trekked to Pennsylvania and Chicago for short stints during the zebra-patterned ’80s.

At age 17, she chose to escape the cold winters and return to the Sunshine State, landing a job at a local temple as a jack-of-all-trades (bookkeeper, graphic designer and general kvetch-handler). When she wasn’t in night school, she had a brief turn as a kindergarten teacher’s aide, but wasn’t invited back after describing to a bunch of five-year-olds how mummies are made (in graphic detail).

Since her college days, she’s left her mark at an impressive list of companies, including ESC/Sharplan, Breezecom, Alvarion and Peachtree Settlement Funding. Even though her track record could eat the best marketing resumes for lunch, you don’t have to spend very much time with Dori to learn that one of her favorite things in life is laughing (with a black belt in the art of sarcasm, she’s been known to make others laugh as well).

Prior to launching iOpening, she served in an executive role as Vice President of Marketing at Airspan Networks, handling all aspects of global marketing, branding and events.Today, Dori oversees the day-to-day details of every project that comes through our doors. As an informal whip cracker, she keeps iOpening running like a well-oiled machine, applying laser-focus to every project (but always with a smile and a “thank you!”)She is relentlessly seeking how to expand the creative development of client identities, while rallying her teams on the most ROI-centric activities and tapping into her keen business sense to get results for her clients – channeling a trekker-meets-Picasso persona (live long and prosper).When she’s not pouring her energy into iOpening clients, she might be found purchasing art in New York, on safari in Africa, or visiting family in Israel. Nicknamed lovingly by friends and family the “Big D” or “Dor-Dor”, she’s incredibly devoted to her nieces and nephews and treats them — much like she treats our clients — like gold.

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The Genesis of a Marketing Executive



Slogan Maker

The same year that Dori was born, McDonald’s invented one of their most memorable slogans, You Deserve a Break Today!  (Ironic, since she’s such a devoted vegetarian.)



Fun Haver

Some professions are more fun than others, right? Dori’s love of fun is expressed in this ear-to-ear grin. She brings a smile to every client – no matter how big the project.




Print patterns and big hair might have been “in” during the ’80s.  To this day, Dori tracks the latest marketing trends in order to bring forth the best outcomes for clients.




Dori’s innovation extends well beyond fashion or the ability to sew a costume. Constructing a well-crafted marketing campaign calls forth her innate sense of design creativity.



Strategic Planner

An ability to navigate through tricky waters comes in handy in marketing. Whether a global trade show booth or a trip to Naples, she’s always known the best pathway to success.